Sunday, May 3, 2009

This is the Bella Award, Coming to Your Blog Soon

Heads up, you know it's coming your way and soon, since this one comes with the responsibility to link it to fifteen, yes, that's 15 deserving bloggers. What makes one a deserving blogger? That I'll leave up to you. I like encouraging new bloggers (yeah like I've been around a long time. I may be old, but I've only been blogging a year and a half. It is now my biggest addiction. It gives me that warm feeling of community that being a recluse prevents in the "real" world.) I feel very close to those of you who visit and comment. I know there are readers who never say anything and I wonder what prevents them. At any rate, if you're new to me I plan to pass this sweet little prize on to you.

If nothing else it makes you pass it to fifteen other bloggers all linked up and friendly like. It came to me from PENolan, of Menopausal Stoner. She and I might be related--if not in the DNA, then in the spirit. She's good people. And here are fifteen others.

Doctor Monkey Von Monkerstein--he's not new, but he knows and has in his hip pocket a great new site posted on his site right now.

StarSpangledHaggis is one of my favorite reads. E writes on a variety of subjects. I'd call her an eclectic writer--always worth the visit.

The Attentive Aphorist otherwise known as TheMom or Moms Nuts. I want her banner. Read That banner or header or whatchacallit for the Attentive Aphorist. Cracks me up every time.

The Lazy Iguana because I was just there and there is a quiz I've got to go back and take.

WeeMousie has a link to a new information site. I'll head back there to pick that link up and bring it home.

Mr. E is the newest smartypants I know. This is going to burden and embarrass him but we'll see if he's got game. He's got nerve and hutzpah to spare, but does he have the chops to link to sixteen bloggers? We'll see.

Spadoman Peace man. Love that photo of the youngest member of the clan. I know this is a girly looking award, but you're secure aren't you.

Shallow Coffee is young and pretty and maybe bipolar too. I think one of the younger bloggers who knows I'm bipolar pointed me in your direction. So far I see lots of spring fashions on your site and god knows I could use a push in the direction of a spring spruce-up, so... I hope this award is welcome at your place.

Telling Secrets is a title I especially like bacause it's what I do. I tell all my secrets. It's a way to exorcise my demons. The problem for me in being a secret teller is that I sometimes tell other people's secrets as well.

Treybald, because I prefer baldness to many of the alternatives men choose when coping with the slow or rapid creeping hair loss that is their lot. You, Treybald have embraced the classic look of the very self confident. Kudos!

Take Your Medicine isn't a new blog, but relatively new to me. Lulu Maude has a lovely voice and a point of view I find simpatico, so that's all it takes to get an award from me. Now take your medicine Lulu Maude.

Mootpoint Neither Here Nor There
Because we have more in common than meets the eye and you are new to me, so this is a way to get to know each other better. I'm not a big stickler for the rules, but the nice thing about doing this linking thing is it brings new people to our attention.

Giggles at Wits and Wiggles who is a great commenter. Thank you for pointing out to me that my therapists terrible taste in clothes and bad hair might be a sign that he is secure with his appearance. But why? is my next question.

Ingrid's Blogger's Roundtable, is not the newest kid on the block but is a wealth of wisdom and good and timely news stories and practical advise and a hell of a twitterer.

LeeAnn's Under The Apple Tree I give you this award for your extraordinary personal generosity and kindness. And because you bake the world's best pumpkin bread.