Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Therapy Today

I was awakened two hours earlier than scheduled by Ms M, whose room mate makes several noisy trips back and forth on the ancient creaky oak floor from her room to the bathroom, opening and closing the bathroom door, running water for a bath and so on. Usually Ms M sleeps late on her day off, but this morning she came walking into my place at 8:30 straight to the big bowl sized cups for her morning latte, which would have been my latte and I would have been drinking it at 10:30. I said, "Is the pot empty?"
"Make another pot, okay?" Then I asked her what the hell she was doing up, but didn't say, "And walking into my place as if..."

She made moaning noises as she drank that cup of coffee. I thought that was rude. Keep it down with your pleasure over my first cup of coffee.
All of this human interaction got me up and ready to head out into the small portion of the Salt Lake Valley I think of as my neighborhood. From here to The Masters Program at Valley Mental Health, and back with several stops along the way. (There will be photos at a future undisclosed date.)

This is me on the way out the door.

This is me when I got home.

Details later.

I'm The Very Picture of Sloth

Greed:Very Low


Wrath:Very Low

Sloth:Very High

Envy:Very Low


Pride:Very Low

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The reason I've posted this is that after nearly a month of avoidance I'm now cleaning my house. Then I'm going to therapy. Pictures later.