Monday, March 17, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Ferraro Leaves Clinton Campaign. Good news, but a little late. Hillary has a mighty strange rule book. If an Obama surrogate says something remotely disparaging about Hillary, it’s an outrage. The unfortunate surrogate must be fired, immediately. Remember the “monster” comment? Off with her head. And she is gone the moment the words are out of her mouth. The Clintons have a double standard, and they make the rules. Now they keep changing the rules and moving the goal posts.

If Hillary had not married Bill Clinton she would not be an elected official with any record at all. The Ferraro comments could have been made about Hillary. And while we are all engrossed with the spectacle of another long suffering political wife standing by her lying, philandering husband, isn’t that the reason we now have Hillary running for President? We would not know who you are, babe, if your husband had not been President. But now that we are talking about philandering husbands again! Let’s talk about yours. I do not want Bill back in the White House. I can’t imagine any mother allowing her daughter to go work as an intern in the White House while Charming Billy is around. Would you let your daughter work with Bill Clinton? Will it be a girl-free zone?

I have heard women say with a straight face that the Spitzer case is a good reason for electing a woman to be our next President. Maybe, but not Hillary. If she had divorced Bill and married someone else, maybe. But sadly, she’s the wrong woman. Of course I’d like a female President. But it would have to be a woman I respected and admired in order for me to enthusiastically support her. I’d go for Barbara Boxer.


K McKiernan said...

I read your posts, but was too irritated to write back. I love you already. I love how much we have in common, but I hate that we don't seem to have THIS in common.

The long and the short of it is this... its utterly stupid to make anyone quit for speaking their mind. Obama's aide has every single right to say she thinks Clinton is a monster if she wants to and a Clinton aide has every right to question how the media constructs bias around an African American candidate. The fact that F was not allowed to call it into question proves the bias exists.

Its lunacy that our culture allows pornographic sites which show 5 or more men penetrating women from all angles and covering her in sperm, justifying it as a "right," but then these two political aides get in trouble and fired for speaking their own beliefs and truths. What is wrong with us?

K McKiernan said...

And as far as Bill. God, I hate what he did, too, but he was a good president.

And yes, I would let my beautiful, smart daughter work in the White House with him present... as long as he knew what I and she would do to him if he touched her.

Unfortunately, my daughter will have to deal with the fact that men who think with their dicks work in every single career known to humankind. So... unless I plan on not allowing her to EVER work, she cannot avoid the threat. But, I can arm her with knowledge and enough love from mom to stand up and shove men back in their place.

Stella by Starlight said...

Wow, did I ever stumble across a great site. You two are awesome. I had a particularly miserable day at work, and now that I've read both your posts, I feel much better.

I agree that Obama's aide has the right to call Clinton a monster and that Ferraro noted a media bias around Obama. I think we have something in the Constitution called the First Amendment that has something to do with Freedom of Speech, don't we?

Being the bleeding-heart liberal that I am, I believe pornographers have the right to disseminate their poison. Do I like porn? No. But if pornography is between consenting adults, then it's not my place to judge.

I certainly agree with you in spirit, K, but worry about that slippery slope we slide down if free expression, even if distasteful, is curbed. We already live in a world far less free of expression. For all our avenues of communication, we see so little of what's really going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, there's a subject about which I can rant.

Do I like porn? No, of course not. It's certainly misogyny personified. There's a quote normally attributed to Voltaire, but one that I love: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Actually, the quote was "first used by Evelyn Beatrice Hall, writing under the pseudonym of Stephen G Tallentyre in The Friends of Voltaire (1906), as a summation of Voltaire's beliefs on freedom of thought and expression." I had to amend the misattribution particularly because Hall did not get credit for the quote. Of course, she IS a woman.

But I digress. I 100% agree with you, Utah Savage, that if Hill had shed Bill, i.e., showed some backbone, I'd be far more likely to vote for her. So, my support goes to Boxer. As Chair of the Senate Environmental Committee, here's a clip of the Vice President Al Gore interview. This video is a good reminder as to why I'm a Boxer supporter.

Sen Boxer vs. Sen. Inhofe (R-Exxon).

Utah Savage said...

K, I absolutely agree with you about the unpaid surrogates having a right to speak their minds and say whatever they think, but the way you run your campaign says much about the way you will govern. It offends me that Hillary is so dismissive of my vote in Utah. Utah, and all the Western States that voted for Bush, might come into play if Obama wins the Primary, so might the South. Who knows, we might win Texas.

Utah Savage said...

Stella, Thank you for the Boxer clip. If I were smarter about how to run this fabulous Imac and how to navigate the internets I would send you flowers. You are one well educated cookie. We're on the same page about pornography. I'd just like to see all sex worker's unionized and the production in the hands of the workers, so everyone gets a fair share of that multibillion dollar pie. I'm all for legalizing prostitution. Short of that, only the Johns get busted and they do real time. And not the Bill Maher kind.