Friday, March 28, 2008

Bordello In A Gold Rush

I just heard David Brooks say on NPR that the democrats are starting to look like they can’t manage a bordello in a gold-rush. This sound bite came minutes after I got another letter from Howard Dean telling me how desperate the DNC is for money to help us run against John McCain. The gall!

Sometimes It’s hard to be a democrat.


Vigilante said...
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Vigilante said...
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Vigilante said...
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Utah Savage said...

Vent away Vigilante, I sometimes post to be provocative, but in truth the comment struck a chord. I have written about the bordello recently in all seriousness. You told me I was off topic. In a way I was and in a way I was not. What with the various sexcapade of so many political hypocrites I thought the conversation about political philandering should be explored in a different way. But to get back to the Brooks comment. His point was it should not be possible for the democrats to lose this election. We have the populous on our side on the issues. Voter registration is up and the people are paying attention, and yet the lies and exaggerations go on, adding up to our party coming apart at the seams. There Bill is every day saying what great leaders either Hillary or John McCain would make. What???? Are they on the same ticket? What the hell is going on. Yes, I do pillory Hillary. And if her logic holds true, she will be the the stronger candidate for it.

And yes, it's a flimsy post to hang a blog on. It was my third post of the day. And I was exasperated. Sometimes I do take a chill pill. Today, maybe I should have quit while I was at least even. So bring on your dark side. I find everybody's darks side the most interesting thing about them. Go ahead call me on my shit. I'm a big girl, I can take it.

Utah Savage said...

And, by the way, K has just returned from San Francisco where she and J delivered a paper on the new female heroes in cinema. These are superhero type characters and for the most part don't interest me as film, except for Brave One. I do recommend taking a look at their site and reading the paper from their SF trip.

I have always fantasized the tings I would do in a situation if I was assaulted, and I think I would be a difficult advirsary, unafraid to bite, and eye gouge, grab balls and twist, but that's another story. I used to have a gun and am a good shot--lots of practice. My dad took me to the city dump in Willamina, Oregon whin I was eight and nine. We used the Lugar he brought back from his service in WWII. Then we hunted pheasant and quail. But I have bipolar disorder and would no longer be able to buy a gun legally. So I stash other kinds of "weapons" around my place, just in case. I have a louiville slugger and used to be home run champ. I can swing that thing. I have a sharpened foil--used to take fencing. A hat pin here, a straight edge razor there. Thanks for this strange and somehow intimate conversation.
I love your contribution to my posts.

BBC said...

Good morning, I to like to bitch about our government and political system. And I couldn't any more be a Democrat than I could be a Republican.

That whole mess is just a game the political monkeys play and let us play along with them so that we think we have some say in it all.

And I don't think we can change it.

I have a ton of relatives in Utah, and have lived there a few times. It's an okay place. It may be going to hell but you're not along, all places are going to hell.

Here is a link talking about the last time I lived there. It's a pretty long post though talking about other places also.
My merry Oldsmobile

I watched "No Country for Old Men" a few weeks ago, interesting movie.

I sometimes post to be provocative,

I sometimes post to be controversial, get things stirred up, to see if I can get folks bullshit filters working better.

1175 Lorraine Dr. SLC, Ut. The one address I've always remembered. My favorite uncle bought a little home there, raised four kids in it, and died there. I loved that little fart.

Gotta go, have a great day. Bill

K McKiernan said...

People... this is what a primary is for. The process is as it is suppose to be. Its actually "good" we have two such powerful and solid candidates. No one has done anything wrong here. Just because you are not getting "your man" the moment you want him does not mean there is any inappropriate is going on.

Calm down. If Hillary was up by a pinch, would you want Howard Dean forcing Obama out. I sorta doubt it.

And if she had not won all the big states (the ones that carry the most electoral punch come November), and if she did not have virtually 50% of the popular vote, she would leave the bout.

Its actually NOT the close call (this has happened before) that is hurting us dems. Its the infighting. Its doing precisely what much of this blog is doing. THAT is the problem.

Funny... if you think its tearing the party asunder, tell YOUR MAN to back the hell out!

And you can quote all you want that he has won more states... yada yada... how we work a primary is NOT how we work the big day in November. The REAL math is simple... She has won the biggies... she has won the states that carry more electoral weight and he has not. He has carried many many states... good for him, but these states are worth peanuts (electorally) or they are states he will not win against a conservative because they are too severely red overall.

You all want her to "do the right thing" because once she wins Penn and Indiana, it will be obvious that he cannot carry any states that matter electorally and math-wise. Once she wins them, the superdelegates will have to really start thinking and do what their job is to do... vote who they think can friggin win!

And Michigan and Florida willllll be counted in November. We may have silenced people during primary season, but we won't be silencing them come November.... and they, too, want Hillary.

I know it makes you all so mad. But please, think about how it runs in November... its not who has more states.... its who has WHICH states....

LTE said...

Hillary won New New York and California. Those are dark blue states. Obama's mother could win those states this year.

Boris said...

New York, New York!

Have you heard of the Albany strategy?

1) Clintons fatally wound Obama candidacy before bowing out.
2) Hillary runs for N.Y. Governor, a position which is imploding right now.
3) McCain wins in November and retires in 2012.
4) HRC is the comeback kid four years from now.

That's the Big Dog's plan.

BTW, I see that HRC has picked up a key endorsement: Ralph Nader has placed his kiss of death upon her fat botox lips.

Stella by Starlight said...

Right on target, boris! I'm hoping to see Barbara Boxer to run in 2012.

Bill, it's great to see you posting again. Hope you're doing well: the alter ego post is great!

Utah, Hill's Bill has been on fishing trips with Pappy Bush in Texas. They're pretty cozy these days. I wouldn't be surprised if they're all on the same ticket. It was bad enough just having two parties: now, seems like we have only one.

I'm so... very... fed up...

Vigilante said...

Forget it Stella. Obama's going to be in for eight (8!) glorious years. Boxer's greatest are still ahead for her (in the Senate), once we shit-can Harry.

Vigilante said...

BTW, (here's my note on your pillow, Utah): I took my dog-and-pony show off to CinemaSquared. It might at least get hearing over there, even if not a sympathetic one. LOL!

Utah Savage said...

It's like mentioning that I know a really great woman--I talk about my admiration for her and then my guy ups and runs off with her, yes indeed, LOL.

Vigilante said...

Oh! Did I not say thanks?

Thanks, Utah!

(For the memories!)

Vigilante said...


Utah Savage said...

Dear bbc, thank you for joining us, luckily for you you no longer live in Zion. Odd to me that you can still remember your address here. I lived in Santa Barbara for several years, and cant remember a street address to save my life. I could however give you excellent directions for getting to either location.

Is it the curse of the over sixty club that we become so long winded and so in love with the sound of our own voices that we just blather on and on for our own amusement? I noticed on your profile that you liked to plug yourself into your TV and sing, probably real loud I'd bet.

Since I write Political essays and do a running commentary on what I think of the political season, I would imagine that you are a duck out of water here, being a man who thinks it's all bullshit to begin with. But if you do decide to stay, unless you really have something substantive to say on the subject, keep it brief, please.

With that out of the way, nice to meet you.

Stella by Starlight said...

Vig, as a recent Obama convert, I hope you're right. I hope the spats don't continue much longer. It's hurting the party.

I'll be happy just knowing Babs is taking care of us in the Senate. But what a president she'd be!