Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spitzer's Fall From Grace

I thought her name was Kristen. Grace, Spitzer? I don’t think so. Not unless Grace is a hooker from his past that we don’t know about yet. I don’t think even Democrats in New York would call the high ledge Spitzer has been teetering on, graceful. The worst thing for me, as a woman, is to see another woman having to “stand by her man” while he tries to back away from the edge. I want, just once, to see the wife, standing beside the philandering, lying bastard she’s married to, haul off and deck him, in full view of cameras, and call him the names he deserves.

Why do political wives agree to make the perp walk with their lying, hypocritical, stupidly arrogant, just plain dumb husbands? Does Mrs. Spitzer have secret ambitions to run for President? What’s up with that? How can you love someone who has lied to you for ten years or so? Doesn’t love require some trust? Isn’t complete betrayal a good reason to dump the bum? Isn’t having teenaged daughters a good reason to say, “No, girls, you never have to sacrifice your own ambitions for a career to keep a man. And no man is worth losing your own integrity. No man is worth this kind of humiliation. Not even your daddy.”


K McKiernan said...

Very clever, your dig on Hillary.

I agree here... I cannot imagine what kind of man would even allow his wife to have to face the world at a time like that. Well, maybe the kind who could disgrace her in the first place.

The worst one to me... was when I saw Kobe Bryant's wife. How on EARTH could she sit near him. It was adultery at best and rape at worst. I'd bolt. Or at least I hope I would bolt.

Utah Savage said...

K, it was the big fat diamond ring she was sporting that allowed Kobe's wife to face the music. That's also called prostitution but not out loud in polite society. It was reported in the press, but I can't remember how many hundreds of thousands of dollars that ring cost him, but it was one pricy rape for him. Which left the real victim in the case with nothing but misery. Kobe keep his job and his beautiful wife the wife gets a diamond as big as the Ritz and the woman he raped has to leave town and get a new identity.