Monday, April 7, 2008


Some of you might think I've lost my marbles, but you would be wrong. I have them in a bowl on the kitchen windowsill. I am just too tired of the crap that's coming out of the Clinton campaign to even comment. A toast to judgement anyone? So I have taken to entertaining myself, and in the process, perhaps a few of you. Before I became a blogger who stuck to politics and almost never swore on line, thanks to my administrator Phillip, I was a fiction writer, amassing thousands of pages of unpublished poetry, short stories and a big fat autobiographical novel. So I just might dip into the golden oldies of my prior incarnation. For those of you political purists, sorry. When Pennsylvania is over, I'll probably start writing about politics again. Or until Hillary does something I just can't take without a comment.


Blank said...

Good god! If you've got something besides the politics, bring it on! Anybody can do politics. I expect more of Utah Savage.

LittleBill said...

Well, after reading the first comment, I'm almost afraid to say anything. But Vigilante told me to look you up, so here I am.

First of all, I write about politics from an ethical and moral point of view, if you can believe that.

Second, I also write about religion as an atheist and a socialist.

Once in a while, I stick in something really lovely, or something autobiographical, or even funny stuff.

So there you are - If you care to look me up, I'll be happy, and I will come back to see you again, too.

TomCat said...

Utah, that you are to date unpublished is the world's loss.

Stella by Starlight said...

Ditto from me, tomcat.