Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reverend Wright

Dear Reverend Wright,
Shut The Fuck Up!


Life As I Know It Now said...


K McKiernan said...

I told you all so.

I said it over and over a month ago. Obama will not win against McCain. Would I want him to? Hell, yes. He would be a fine president. We would be lucky to have such an honorable democrat.

However, Hillary (besides being a great candidate) is the only person who can beat John McCain. Unfortunately, people hear me and think I am not showing support by saying this, however, I am just stating what I believe to be the truth (not what I want to be the truth).

Sadly, I saw all this coming. Did you all read that nearly 20% of polled Penn voters admitted they would not pick Obama because he is black? And those are just the ones bigoted enough to admit it to another human being. Did you all see the church sign Bill Maher showed last Friday on his HBO show? The sign equated Obama and Osama. You think when push comes to shove the Republicans won't friggin pounce on this racism and run with it causing bigger rifts? Oh, they will have a field day.

I have heard people... people I thought were sensible and kind spouting hatred about how if Obama gets in there he will just help out his people and ignore the plight of white people. Some see him as pretending to be "white" but really waiting to poof up his afro and join a new league of black panthers or some other utter bullshit.

Racism runs deep. I would love him to win for many reasons; for one, it would be a great flip of the middle finger to bigots, but the fact of the matter is, he will not win.

What you have been seeing with Matthews is only just the beginning. Matthews has a hard on for Obama, LOVES him, so consider that and the fact that no republican has sharped their fangs on Obama yet... not really. Its gonna get ugly.

And one person has shown she can come through all sorts of ugly ON TOP. Hillary. If you want to win in November, its time to get real serious and support her instead of tear her down.

Yellow Dog said...

I definitely think Hillary would have given Rev. Wright a bigger smackdown than he got from Obama

Stella by Starlight said...

I don't disagree with much of Wright says: but his timing couldn't be more stupid.

Vigilante said...

Hillary Clinton is just another one of those super "electable" Democratic candidates. The last one you "super-electable" tried, Mack, was John Kerry and he lost to the worst president in American history. Now you want us to select another "electable" candidate? No thanks. I'm voting for someone whose voice I want to hear on my TV every night, for the next 4-8 years. Obama is the one who can put America Barack on track!

Stella by Starlight said...

She's tough, K. I'll give you that. My problem with HRC is that she's too damn conservative. But, hell, better her than McCain, I guess.

I am disturbed by Bill's fishing jaunts with Papa Bush and her pandering to the right wing during the pre-invasion of Iraq.

As for me, I think there are far stronger, more ethical women in politics than her, like Barbara Boxer. I know, everyone's sick of my support for her, but she'd be a great president.

Maybe her hedging might do us all good. If she's still as committed to changing health care in America, that would be one step for her.

I just don't know, K. And bigotry is an huge issue, whether we like it or not. I would have been happy with Dennis Kucinich.

K McKiernan said...

When I have taken presidential quizzes, Stella, I am almost totally in line with Kucinich. You just cannot get too liberal for me, that is for sure.

I would be pleased beyond words for HRC or Barack. As long as its not McCain, we will have a shot at changing things a little.

You know... its so true what you said about Wright. Its bad timing, but I have yet to hear too much I feel strongly against. He obviously does not trust our government and for that, he is a pretty smart cat!

K McKiernan said...


You sorta are proving my point in reverse. Kerry was destroyed because he was too nice and too stately and too elitist seeming to too many.

Did I love him. Abso-fucking-lutely, but those Reps knew how to tear him up and spit him out. Kerry is the perfect example of why it needs to be Hillary and not Barack... she has fought the smear, slanderish, haranguing and came out on top...

Barack reminds me of Kerry... the very adjectives I used above describe how I see or how I think others perceive Barack. Couldn't be a nicer guy... but he will be road kill.

I want the attack dog on the case. You like dogs... you understand dogs... what don't you get about this great bitch of ours?

K McKiernan said...

Oh, sorry, vigilante, that is Mad Dog who loves dogs... boy I ruined that little speech.

Forgive me.

Vigilante said...

Perfect, McKiernan. I love big, physical, smart dogs like Dobermans. And I like Hillary, too! I wanted her to be the President because she pissed off the Republicans so much. Revenge. Sweet revenge, served by a cold bitch. Then Obama came along. And I thought maybe there was a better way. But I will agree with you. He has to show some toughness. I wanted him to smack Rev Wright upside the head. SMACKDown, is what they call it.