Sunday, July 20, 2008


I have many habits--some good, some other''s call addictions, and some just plain bad. And if you don't like one of my habits, you call it an addiction. If you share my habit, you call it fun. If you share one of my bad habits, you empathize and understand, and probably share my addictions as well. I'm not saying, so stop holding your breath. My shrink reads my blog on occasion. Just often enough to scare me a little every three months or so.

I have a "fondness" for LawnOrder. Yes, I know, you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about. It's what those, with a vaguely embarrassing fondness, like LawnOrder, call it--a fondness. I don't give a damn about my lawn. But old, oft watched episodes of Law and Order are soothing to me, especially the Major Case episodes with Vincent D'Onofrio, and I never remember how they end when I start watching an old episode. Sometimes I don't even the remember how they end even when they end. Melea makes fun of my addiction to LawnOrder. She makes fun of the acting of guest characters, and she doesn't understand my thing for Detective Goren, who is my type even when he's fat and looks like he smells bad. He's my type and that's enough. I like the actor I will always know as Big from Sex and the City, but I prefer D'Onofrio. I also like the Special Victims unit cast. Mariska Hargitay is, well, sexy, let's face it, even to me, but the barely controlled and scarily cool actor who plays her partner, was once a star of one of my favorite shows from HBO. about a prison--can't remember the name of it, but it was great and Meloni played a very scary guy down in the hole.

If Deadwood was in syndication anywhere I'd be watching it like a real addict. Who were the morons who decided to cancel that? I thought it was the best written show ever. And I loves me some good writing. Great casting, too. Award winning acting as well. Stupid fucking programming executives. I think I'll write a story about a woman driven to murdering an HBO programming executive because he was the stupid little prick who decided to cancel Deadwood. I'll call it Dead Wood.


Beach Bum said...

My wife felt the same way about the recently canceled CBS show "Moonlight". She would have cut off valuable pieces of some CBS executive body had she been able to get a hold of them.
The last show I felt the same way about was the post-apocalyptic thriller for CBS called Jericho. They ended the damn show with the country split in two with some very Haliburton-like corporation running the western half of the country under the banner of a "Allied States of America" and everything east of the Mississippi still the USA. After the heroes of the show presented evidence to the still neutral state of Texas to stay with the USA both the Allied States and the US were on the verge of civil war. I keep hoping that they will do a movie to tie up loose ends.

Done a little of the editing on the Mickey Spillane piece you suggested. Right now mainly replacing some wording, more to come. Once its polished up I might submit it to a local short story contest here in SC.

Utah Savage said...

Great to hear your thinking of submitting that piece. It's really good.

Linda-Sama said...

that prison show was Oz, Utah, and I loved it. I like Meloni and D'Onofrio too! and Big is HOT -- did you see the Sex and the City movie? loved it! however, my all time fave HBO show was The Wire -- it boggles my mind that it was never nominated for any Emmy.

hey, where've ya been on AHC? I miss your comments....I thought the fascism one would hook ya....;)

I'm spending 4 days with the Dalai Lama right now...

peace, sis

Utah Savage said...

Linda sister we really are related. Same taste in great shows and interesting men, I mean actors. Hope this journey is enlightening and blissful for you. You do some laughing too.

anita said...

I have a very, very bad attitude toward Law and Order. I refuse to watch it. And for a pretty stupid reason but hey that's me. I get bad attitudes and they are hard to break.

I was in 'group therapy' once several years ago, at the behest of my shrink at the time. One of the people in the 'group' was this real tall guy from Texas who was also a location scout for Law and Order.

I liked this guy, but he seemed to have this weird need to verbally attack me every time I spoke in the group. He clearly had problems with women, and I was the only woman in the group, so I was his 'therapeutic target' I guess. Fine and dandy for him, and perhaps I helped him work out some of his issues. Add to that was the fact that he was one of the plethora of spoiled rich kids you find in New York complaining that their trust fund is too small and their parents won't 'augment' it because, hey, it's expensive living in the city.

End result was that I decided that 'group therapy' is the biggest crock of bullshit on the face of the planet and walked out in the middle of one session and never, ever went back.

And that's why I refuse to watch Law and Order.

It's weird. I know. I probably should give it a chance given that I hear it's very good.

Utah Savage said...

Anita, you have just given me my next post--Group Therapy. Oh yes, I too have had my strange experiences with group.

Stella by Starlight said...

My hero, Utah! I do now what you're talking about. I don't have a fondness for Law & Order—I'm addicted. I am sorry you had that experience, anita. I am die hard. The new guy in town, Cutter (Linus Roache) is absolutely amazing: he's nailed the McCoy and added an icy chilliness to the character. I'll always be a Jack McCoy fan, though. I love Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Jesse Martin.

Have fun, here's the Law & Order Wiki. Gotta love it. Favorite CI episodes are the D'Onofrio and Olivia d'Abo episodes.

Deadwood, OMG, we cancelled our subscription to HBO because they cancelled Deadwood. I wrote them an email: "Since you took Deadwood off the air, we're taking HBO off our TV. At least we know how to spend our money."

The entire show was great, having been a fan of Ian McShane's for over 30 years, I was furious. He's a phenomenal actor. We can talk about Ian anytime you want, Utah.

At work: major rush. But had to say hi. You just made my day.

DivaJood said...

Didn't you adopt Ian McShane? Or was that Stella? I forget. He was brilliant in Deadwood. I am addicted to chocolate cake. I had some with peanut butter filling the other day, and I have been jonesing for it ever since. I'm serious.

D'Onofrio is a wonderful actor - he's all quirky and his delivery is always so unique. Love him.

I'm much more of a Tommy Lee Jones and Alan Rickman type of gal, though. Really.

Utah Savage said...

Yes, Diva, Tommy Lee also rocks my world.

DivaJood said...

BTW, I have decided you will be Chief Justice, because you have the best avatar. Any other of the Justices on my supreme court will have to dress like the Supremes.

Blueberry said...

We love Deadwood! We rented the entire thing from the public library (we don't get HBO). I have misplaced the source for this, but I saw where one of the actors spoke about about the cancellation, where HBO had wanted to shorten the last season and director opted to end it instead - screwed up no matter how you look at it. Don't quote me - I will have to track down the source again. MrB sends me content without the links sometimes.

Ingrid said...'re funny.. definitely out of the fog there woman!! I looove L&O..I've been watchingn it from the very beginning and I think I do prefer the original series and the CI one. The SVU I never really got into it. D'Onofrio is my preferred CI combo with whatshername.. the original red head who disappeared for a while to have her baby. As for the original series..I had a soft spot for 'Lenny', never could figure out why (just soft spot, no crush) then realized he reminded me of my dad who died when I was 12 ...ZING!
But no matter how the cast changes, the stories most of the time are very good.. I love the way they tweak the 'moral of the story' sometimes till the bitter end (like last minute or so)..of course, since I've watched it since the beginning, I can..AND tell when someone was a good guy/woman..bad guy/woman, DA or prosecutor in previous eps.. AND I can tell which way the story will go..well, heck, I'm a writer by nature, if I can predict some of these things then who am I???

D.K. Raed said...

I thought Deadwood was one of the greatest TV series ever. Sadly, this is always the kiss of death for any series (if I think it's great). Yeah, I heard what Blueberry heard, that HBO held out a little peace offering of 4 measly shows to wind it up, after they'd decided to cancel ... the Deadwood producers told them to pissoff or called them c*cks*ckers (or something befitting the show's realistic use of old west language).

Now Lawnorder, well, I can't even hear that word without thinking of Dick Nixon, but still I wouldn't pass up a hitchhinking Vincent D'Onofrio !

Utah Savage said...

The writers who gave us "Deadwood", also wrote "John From Cincinnati," which was also great, and after four or five shows those morons at HBO cancelled that too. Stupid fucking Program directors. Send those bastards to gitmo.

Utah Savage said...

d.k. you are a soul sister woman as well. Was cocksuckers the word you meant for the dumb bastards at HBO?

Randal Graves said...

Heh heh, you said wood. There's nothing wrong with addictions unless they cause one to vote Republican.

Stella by Starlight said...

You are right, blueberry. It was Ian himself who dispelled the myth that HBO was going to run two movies to wrap up the series. I can't wait to read Utah's story about murdering the prick that murdered Deadwood.

HBO did want to do eight more episodes, but (as you all know) the show was too complicated to wrap up in eight episodes. David Milch is a brilliant man.

Yes, divajood, Swiftspeech grabbed Ian McShane—figuratively, or course. I swear, my friend, wait until you see Linus Roach as the new ADA in L&O. Jeremy Sisto rock, tool awesome. And, of course I love D'Onofrio. Sisto's character is rather cold, sinister, and charming.

I should write an email to Dick Wolf. What a genius. After 18 years, the show's still great, even after all the personnel changes.

Utah Savage said...

If they ever lose D'Onofrio, they lose me.