Friday, July 4, 2008

Cyrus is Hiding, Too

Sadly, Cyrus has what might be the canine version of a mood disorder. You may think I'm projecting, but Cyrus' Veterinarian is treating him with anti-anxiety drugs. It's the same way mental health professionals treat bipolar disorder--try this drug for awhile, if it doesn't help or makes things worse, we'll try another drug and see what happens. This approach to treating mental health problems is often very distressing for the patient. Sometimes the drug creates it's own new set of problems, since every drug comes with it's own set of side-effects. This often leads to non-compliance with treatment in humans. My dog Cyrus takes his peanut-butter covered pills without complaint, but this pill taking has not produced less fear of noises that go BOOM! Instead of making him more willing to go outside to pee, he seems less willing to budge from his bed next to mine.

Cyrus also has arthritis in his hips which requires 100mgs. of Rimadiyl twice a day. He has a funky thyroid that requires two doses of Thyroxinel, and now a big dose of an anti-anxiety drug called Clomicalm. His monthly vet bill just for drugs is $140. That's more than my ten or twelve drugs cost me, but there is, sadly, no medicare for dogs.

Last night was the first big test of the July madness of aerial orgasms lasting at least a half an hour. I was pissed all day that MSNBC was not give me my daily news fix, then last night (the 3rd of July) we had the unexpected bombardment that sounded like bombs falling all around the houses. Shock and Awe! Turns out it was the end of a soccer game. It shook the windows and we could feel it through out feet. The ground moved. This morning it took me and my neighbor and her dog Roscoe to lure Cyrus out to pee. Tonight we will go through it all again.


Nan said...

Poor Cyrus.

Dogs must think humans with their love of loud noises are quite simply insane. And the dogs are probably right.

DivaJood said...

My late dog Bones had to take anti-anxiety meds the entire weekend over July 4th. She would not leave the house while fireworks were around. She had trouble with electrical storms as well - hated thunder passionately. She is gone, 8 years now, but I still miss her tons.

anita said...

i used to watch PBS Newshour all the time ... then I got hooked on MSNBC. i'm tending now to go back to the Newshour again and rarely watch MSNBC, which I think is far too "personality driven" and i just find it intolerable ... as i believe you do ... that people like joe scarborough and chris matthews are allowed to be so fucking arrogant and unprofessional.

cspan is also a very viable alternative ... particularly the morning call-in show, plus there are brian lamb's very comprehensive interviews with authors.

then of course there is ALWAYS bill moyers and charlie rose.

i'm finding myself going back to public radio again, too. and listening to it on my computer. leonard lopate, fresh air, etc.

also, the BBC is so much better than american news as well.

the news is out there ... real news, unfiltered news, but you just have to look really hard to find it.

Anonymous said...

I hate that for Cyrus. I know the dogs around here (they're all kept outside in cages - don't get me started on what's the point of that?) will be howling up a storm later.

Utah Savage said...

Nan, I agree with dogs. I felt like it was a war zone and it was only a fucking soccer match!

Diva, This will go on all month here, due to the Mormon Pioneer day, which comes on the 24th. So from beginning to end, it's non-stop fire crackers any old time of day.

Anita, thanks for the reminders. These used to be all my regular news sources and then I got hooked on MSNBC. Now I have to cure myself of one more addiction.

Utah Savage said...

Dcup, I think that's how Cyrus was kept a lot of his life. He has wounds from dog fights, but I'll bet he spent a lot of time in a kennel, or cage. Nine years in a shelter. I hope he and I make it through July. It took two of us to get him outside twice today, pee quick and run for the door.

Dada said...

Oh, Utah...reading this caused flashbacks of the traumas created in each of our beautiful greyhounds whenever thunder and lightening was around, or the god-damned baseball park was blowing of fireworks after a Friday night game or, worse, the huge Fourth celebration.

Our dogs became strangers. Cooper unable to relax, hyperventilating. Pony, in a corner, digging holes in the wall to wall carpet and panting incessantly all the while. They didn't know us during those times.

But this picture of Cyrus is beyond sad, pathetic and heart wrenching. You just want to be there to hug him, reassure, and tell him how much you love him, that it's going to be okay. Yet, during those times, what good does it do? Bless you but, more, bless poor Cyrus.

Utah Savage said...

Dada, between Cyrus and his phobias and me and my bipolar meltdown we are a sad couple of creatures. It's kind of a comfort to know that I'm not making things worse for him. Dogs are so sensitive and I'm a bit of a raw nerve. I'm trying to remain calm, talk reassuringly, and not force him to do what he's too scared to do. He's so big, if he decides to stop minding me we have a problem. I'm only going to be able to keep him if I can be the one in charge. Right now no body's in charge. Tricky times.

Madam Z said...

Poor Cyrus! Actually, he sounds like me. I too have mood disorder, arthritis, and "a funky thyroid!" And I can't STAND loud fireworks, which are going on all around me, as we speak. Arf! Arf! (That means "Poor me" in dog speak.)

Blank said...

Poor Cyrus AND poor UT.

This is my least favorite holiday.

Randal Graves said...

Wait. Mass explosions at the end of a soccer game? In America?

nan, the dogs are certainly right. This and St. Patrick's Day are basically excuses to celebrate boisterous lunacy. Hope last night wasn't too nuts for everyone.

Utah Savage said...

Scarlet, Randal, Thanks for the condolences.

Blueberry said...

We (and the two cats) are in the same boat with you and Cyrus. The vet and pharmacy bills are high for the boys -- arthritis, asthma, compulsive licking until there's blood -- nothing real serious various concoctions needed. Jax usually has big problems with the neighborhood fireworks, but this year they weren't bad. I guess the yahoos either moved away or went out of town. Henry had to be coaxed out of the corner of a closet though.

Several vets have suggested we use anti-anxiety or anti-depressives on our various cats for various conditions, but so far I have resisted that and we've found other solutions. I know that won't happen in every case though.

Rutger Hauer is not dead!

Utah Savage said...

Blueberry, thanks for the understanding. These stories of other animals with serious anxiety problems give me some hope that Cyrus and I will be able to work it out.

On a lighter not, so glad to read that Rutger is still with us. Now I have two live actors I've always had a thing for, as my adoptees. Now If only I could acquire Anthony Hopkins.

Unknown said...

My pitbull Baby had to be medicated for the whole week prior and a few days after the fuckng 4th of July. She was also on Rimadyl for arthritis in her last few years.

We are thankful, in a way, that Baby is no longer with us, passing on two years ago from cancer. She was such a mess this time of year since fucking fireworks are legal here in my red city. She was a rescue and was brutalized by some asshole to be that afraid of loud noises and men.

God forbid those fucking rednecks don't get the opportunity to blow off a finger or put out an eye like the asshole did last night down the street.

Can you tell I don't like the fucking 4th of july? ;p

Its a bullshit holiday anyway. The true meaning is lost the last eight years.

Linda-Sama said...

poor cyrus and poor you, Ms. Savage! poor babies! I also hate this holiday, I absolutely abhor fireworks. what a waste of fucking time and money!

breath peace, be peace, sweetie....

and don't get me started on vet bills for pets -- I have the $5,000 cat!