Sunday, July 27, 2008


Diana Krall, S'Wonderful

Live in Paris


Ghost Dansing said...

such a young kid doing such old school in that magnificent way is worthy of comment double-dip.....

Diane Krall Official Website 

anita said...

just wonderful !

i didn't realize she was canadian.

Utah Savage said...

I didn't either. Just one more reason to emigrate to Canada.

Sorry for getting snarky when nobody was paying attention to Diana, but asking about cornbread. Sometimes I'm such an ass--another reason to take a break from the daily post and get back to writing fiction where I can let my inner bitch have full-throated voice.

Anonymous said...

She really has a lovely voice.

I was out of commission yesterday and unable to comment.

Sorry I missed the fun. I think.

Randal Graves said...

It's your blog, be snarky. We won't mind, trust us. Hell, we might be sad if you were never snarky. Or worried.

Utah Savage said...

I'm going out of the blogging business until I get my fictive life in order. I have to learn to be an editor. I am at odds with myeslf in that regard. I love saying every little thing, and in so doing bore the crap out of my readers, all three of you. I can't move forward as a writer until I master this conflict in my writing. And I m now the crankiest bitch in town since I have to go back to the beginning and start over.

But Randal, never fear, I will bring on the snarkiness to your site.

Non-Partisàn said...

It's wonderful!

Dada said...

Utah: thanks! That is so sweet, so mellow, I love her voice. Hell, just listening to her I forgot this is an election year (or who our president is)! ... but Utah, please don't leave this big gap in our blog rounds.

What? Whaddaya need? Want me to loan you my editor Sam (whoops, "Editor Sam" for awhile)?

Know how those Pastors for Peace who formed the caravan that came from all parts of the country, united at the U.S.-Mexican border before crossing over into Mexico for Cuba?

Well, Why can't we form a caravan of disgruntleds from all over the U.S. and rendezvous at the Canadian border to cross "over and out"?

Imagine the great publicity! (If we could find any media in this place that would dare cover it.)

Once successfully over that imaginary line, people could go wherever the hell they wanted to: Calgary, Boliva, Ethiopia, Sweden, or Berlin.

My editor Sam (whoops again, "Editor Sam") will handle the press releases.

Reconsider. Please!