Friday, November 28, 2008

Heart Mandala for the Bloggers With the Open Hearts

Susan, she of the Crow with the beautiful voice, and the two sites, Phantsythat, and Adventures Ink is a talented artist, and not just with the words, though there is no denying her talents there. She is a visual artist too. Randal asked for a new painting from her and she painted a Heart Mandala. I studied Buddhism and had an old hippie friend who made several of those fashionable trips to India in the 60's along with the Beatles and every other musical type with an eye to a trend. One of my friends in that category came home with a guru and some Indian friends and she and her partner opened a little shop in Brentwood called Sat Purush, where they sold beautiful handmade Indian clothes for men and women with means, and some very fancy concert get-ups for the big name rockers. A friend of hers came back from India with a side trip through Tangiers and brought back one suitcase full of hashish and another full of Bedouin wedding dresses. I got one of the dresses and smoked my fair share of the hash. None of this is very Buddhist, more like some amalgamation of Krishna consciousness and Buddhism with a little hippie hashish thrown in along with the beautiful Bedouin dresses. And out of all of this, the hash smuggler--a life long painter, began to paint Mandalas. Extravagantly beautiful Mandalas. The lower chakras were her specialty. Nuff said.

But Susan has painted a Heart Mandala, and if anyone needed an opening of the heart it is I. Susan must have sensed this to address my heart's need for opening, and so Randal, the Boarder Explorer and I were the first recipients of this lovely art to become a new Award. I do not remember if there were instructions or suggestions for the passing of this award, but I believe that this award needs to be passed to those whose hearts have been wounded and yet manage to remain open and honest about their wounds and the ways they work on healing. Or perhaps it is the bloggers with hearts so open they can read your heart and know what you need and are only too happy to ask for your address to send it to you. Imagine all the trust in that?

At any rate the first blogger I wish to award this Heart Mandala is SaoirseDaily2 for her incredible generosity of heart. If you've missed the earring post, go back and look. If you missed yesterday's Jenna Mamnina clip. Well, you're hopeless, keep up.

Next to Liberality who gave me my first Award ever in my entire life, ever, and I had only been blogging a short while. Well, it thrilled me no end. I had so little skill it took weeks to get it home and "Link?" What is this link of which you speak? It only took me six or eight months to give her credit for the gift. That takes a lot of patience on her part. But I give this to her because... Well, she knows why.

And to Linda Sama The Ageless Hippie Chick who gave me The Rebel Grrrl Award. Now that goes right to my badass image of myself. Pretty funny when you think how old I am. But Linda IS
a Buddhist and she does indeed collect Mandalas. Who better to get one than one who loves them so. Besides that she teaches Yoga and could probably teach me how to open mine.

And to Dcup whose hearts as big as her cup size, and as open as her mind. I love you dear. Have you figured it out yet, that my heart belongs to Dcup, no matter my deep and heartfelt flirtation with Tengrain, and Kelso and his nuts, and Fairlane, who never even noticed, and yes, Dcup even Mathman.

And to D.K. Read, because with hair that red, her heart is shining right through her hair. Can anyone deny it? Because when Stella doesn't take the silly Anonymous commenters on, DK does. My fierce protectors.

And to Stella who posted the very first comment on my blog and then told me I reminded her of Dorothy Parker. What better reason could there be?

This comes with no strings attached. No rules that I know of. So hang on to your heart or pass it around. It's your heart after all. The only thing I ask is that you post your Mandala on your sidebar and link it back to Susan.


SaoirseDaily2 said...

Thank you for bestowing me the Heart Mandala. I will post on my blog with honor. Also thank you for the kind words. Dcup is one of my favorite people too.

Utah Savage said...

Glad you like it honey. You certainly do deserve it.

L'Adelaide said...

utah, your heart is as big as the mountains behind you and I loved this post....thanks for sharing all these new(some) and lovely people for others to know!

that mandala is absolutely gorgeous but I have already said that enough times!!

peace and don't go shopping in the toy store unless you're armed!

Stella by Starlight said...

I love it. You are just so damn special. Thank you.

As soon as I can figure out how to post it, I will: I'm on the new XML blogger and need to figure out how to post my lovely awards.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Utah. It is simply beautiful, as are your words.

- Lisa

Linda-Sama said...

thanks, sis, I love it....will come by later to grab it...and I gots ta get me some of dem earrings....

and believe me, if I was out in Utah, I 'd get your old ass doing some yoga and heart chakra meditation....:)

Life As I Know It Now said...

thank you. you have come a long way since you first started blogging. what I liked about you was your fierceness and your ability to tell your truth--that takes guts and I admire the hell out of that.

Linda-Sama said...

swiped it and it's on the AHC blog...thanks!

D.K. Raed said...

Wow, I've been MIA a few days & now see this lovely heart mandala, and most of all am amazed that you think I actually have a heart. There are many who would differ with you on that, I can assure you! I think of myself as detached, but curious. Love the mandala, though. Susan is very talented, and so are you, dear UT!