Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Masochism Tango

I am deep in the weeds of the details of fulfilling the requirements for entering this contest. Please forgive my neglect. It will be slim pickings for the next few days. Bear with me. I'll be here working away, wondering why I wait till the last minute to do my homework. God I'm lazy. What a masochist.


Tengrain said...


Yes, I remember the tango.



Utah Savage said...

My favorite dance. It's the dip and the hip action, and yes, those were the days.

PENolan said...

Lordy, my mother listened to Tom Lerher so much when I was a kid he's part of the soundtrack to my childhood

Utah Savage said...

Mine too. My grandfather was a big fan. And I became one too. I thought "Poisoning Pidgins in the Park," was hilarious. I need to write a new one called "Driving the Squirrels Crazy", those bastards are still having their way with my attic and sounding way too happy as they do it.