Thursday, January 15, 2009

These Are The Rules

The Rules
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Random things. Humm. My whole life is random. Only six--this should be easy.

Kulkuri is the guy who tagged me. That Yooper in Crackerland. Link that! I'm very fond of Kulkuri, but he's a tease. One of his random facts is the tease that English is not his native language. Yes? Well? Does he tell us what his native language is/was? No. He does not. Now I have to research Yooper. Ok, that's done. Pennsylvania Dutch? So where in America does this transplanted Yooper live now? Sunbelt, I'm thinking. His avatar has him in a Hawaiian shirt sitting in a beach chair, reading. Clues everywhere, but no real answers. Shall I just give you clues? No random facts, just clues? That doesn't seem fair or in keeping with the whole idea of learning more about the someone through random things. So, here goes.

Random Things About Me:

1. I'm very emotional, a very difficult woman. That could count as two random things, but they are so interwoven that I think of them as one thing--the intensity of my emotionality makes me a difficult woman to be around. I do everything too passionately. I'm easy to anger, too.

2. I was raised by a woman who had mastered the resounding verbal "bitch slap" to such an extent that living with her made it impossible to avoid learning this nasty habit. So, given the right circumstances, I can deliver a verbal "bitch slap" effortlessly and with no thought at all--like a reflex. Impossible to stop once begun. I have lost friends over this dubious skill. I have gone one bitch slap too far more often than is seemly.

3. I have missed out on the love of a man with the strength and patience to keep me from running, make me want to stay. I know this deep in my core. It's a wound so deep I see myself as essentially unlovable. Maybe I make myself that way on purpose. But I have tried at times too hard and for too long to make myself lovable when I had chosen a man so shallow he wasn't worth more than a tumble.

4. I will miss lamb chops when I have to give up eating meat. I know this day is coming. It's the right thing to do. It may also be the economically necessary thing to do. That said, I just picked up a five pack of rib eye steaks in the reduced meat department, brought it home, individually wrapped each steak and frozen all but one. I'm having steak and beans, and salad for dinner tonight.

5. I'm a political news junky. And I'm proud of my girlfriend, Freida of the Bees, for becoming a regular contributer to one of the really good news sources, The Daily Kos. Go Freida! Politics and journalism are a sexy combo. And Math too? You're unstoppable. You're on fire.

6. I got an email yesterday from a boy I tried to have sex with when I was fourteen years old. (I probably looked closer to twenty when I decided I wanted him to be the boy who deflowered me, so to speak). He read my letter to the editor after Obama's primary win in North Carolina. He says he's been reading my blog since then. He left his phone number in his email. I called him. I like the idea of him. There is a short story in that early encounter. I remember it in great detail. Poor boy. I took him into my parent's bed when they were up at the cabin. I have to admit I have thought of him now and then over the long years of my life. What if...?

Well, I've shocked myself. Now I'm hoping you're going to shock me a bit back. I want these random things to give me real insight into who you are. Oh, there are those of you I think I know, Lisa. But some of you are real mysteries. I know that Randal will be tagged and bagged quickly so no point tagging Randal. There are a lot of men out there unwilling to play. Too bad. You're missing an opportunity for a little self expression and introspection. But you have your dignity at least.

1. Beach, because he has the soul of a writer and will engage and think more introspectively than any other man I've encountered out here in this bloggy world. Is that a bitch slap I hear landing on some unnamed man? If you felt it, you know who you are.

2. La Belette Rouge, because she is ingaged in the search for answers to the mysteries in her life. She has inspired me to buy myself a bouquet of lilies today. I thought of her when I saw then and remembered her unraveling of the symbolism that accompanies the lillie. It's a good omen.

3. TheMom, because she gave me my Obamicon without request and I'm delighted with it. She has been ill, but is indeed TheMom as she insisted I bundle up for the Thursday Matinee Movie date today. Baby it's cold out there. God bless nurturing woman. I lost mine somewhere.

4. Giggles, who I envision as a young woman, but really it's just an impression. Giggles appeared as a very good commenter without a real blog. Thanks to the generosity and encouragement of Lisa and others, she now has a blog. I hope this is your first meme, Giggles. Tell all, darling, in six random things. Or leave us in the dark--your choice.

5. Darkblack, photoshopper to rival... Well I shall not say. Just this. Darkblack is very talented, and another complete mystery to me. I went to look at Darkblack's Obamicon and it's a poster of a good looking young woman. Did you know? Do you know? Is Darkblack a man or a woman? Does it matter? Only to inquiring minds I guess.

6. Comrade Kevin, because for the longest time I thought Comrade Kevin was a woman. And so I spoke to Comrade Kevin as a woman. Despite the podcasts of Comrade Kevin playing the guitar and singing his original songs, I thought that was Comrade Kevin's boy friend. Gawd. I'm so dense sometimes.

No rush. I do not wish to stress anyone or put you in a spotlight you do not seek at a personal level, but I am curious.


Beach Bum said...

I'll knock it out this weekend. Just thinking, did you tag me with a meme I didn't respond to? If I didn't respond, remind me what it was and I will make it up.

lisahgolden said...

I will remember if I ever anger you, to do it when I'm out of striking distance! And thanks for the link!

La Belette Rouge said...

I am happy to play. And, I am delighted that you got yourself some lilies. I think it is a good omen for your book.

Do you think your #1 and #2 are related? I don't think emotional is difficult, my mother thinks that my being emotional makes me difficult. I suppose it is difficult for her as she will not feel her feelings and so I really feel feelings and that reminds her that she doesn't. Did that make any sense?

susan said...

I think that heart chakra of yours is opening up by leaps and bounds. Your sensitivity and constant regard for your friends shows that to be true.

Steve Emery said...

Thanks for digging deeper than usual for these. Some were not news to me, having read your blog and your stories. Others were revelatory - like #6... I'd love to read that short story.

Utah Savage said...

Beach you always deliver the good and always at just the right time. You do have a life. Like Lisa, you have lives.

Lisa, I should have been clear that the bitch slap is a verbal slap. We were never physically violent. But I seem to lack a filter sometimes. As if only the momentary "truth" can escape my lips. Not always welcome, not always anyone's truth but mine, in the moment.

La Belette Rouge, I know exactly what you mean. And yes, you made perfect sense to me. This was much the same dynamic between my mother and me.

Susan, thank you. Yes, the Heart Mandala has been healing to my heart. Linda's healing hands Mandala has too. Yet the flood of tears over little things is a bit embarrassing at times.

Utah Savage said...

Steve, thank you for that. Yes, I'm going to look forward to writing that story.

darkblack said...

Ah, but that obamicon of mine is not my visage, dear Utah...

It's yours.


Utah Savage said...

Oh my god, that can't be true. Darkblack. How did you glam me up? I think I love you.

Utah Savage said...

Now, can you deliver it? I don't know how to get it home.

darkblack said...

Under the 'share' tab to the right of the image, click 'download'. That should deliver a copy.


Utah Savage said...

I've got it, it's posted and my new profile picture. Thank you. Oh vanity, thy name is Savage

giggles said...


I've been hoping...and then not so much...that I would get tagged.... pressures on.... I'll have to ruminate a bit before I post....

Thanks for making me feel important Utah!

giggles said...

PS. I am honored, Utah.... This IS my first.... I wanna make it good.... tee-hee....giggle, giggle.


I like the bitch slap.
nothing wrong with a good bitch slap to make someone stop and think..or duck
everything i learned about you makes me like you that much better.

Randal Graves said...

Bitch slap me once, shame on you. Bitch slap me twice, won't get bitch slapped again. Heh, heh.

- George

I like I like the idea of him.

Ideas are funny things. I'm still working on my idea-to-reality transmogrifier, but no luck yet. You'll all get discounts when it's ready, of course.

Madam Z said...

Dear Utah,
No wonder you are "savage." A mother's treatment of a child is one of the most formative experiences in the child's life. Being "bitch-slapped" regularly is horrid. I hate your mother almost as much as I dislike (not quite hate) mine. Only since her death have I been able to admit my dislike/almost-hate for her.

It's no wonder that you are "emotional." I am too. But my "happy pills" have helped. are clearly not "unlovable," or you would not have so many faithful blog buddies, AND that boy from the distant past would not have looked you up on the internet. I will be keeping my "virtual" fingers crossed that something good will develop from that contact. Keep us posted!

darkblack said...

Well, I may not obey the rules, but I might consider revising my strategy of not being seen for 6 random items.

Not that it matters


Utah Savage said...

Darkblack, it matters to me.