Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog Tune-up and a Bit of Editing

I'm trying to get those of you who are in my big blog roll onto the feed so your newest postings rise to the top and catch my attention. I also plan to edit those two chapters sitting there with meticulous editorial notes from MRMacrum, and then start posting the novel again in the Novel Blog. I took it offline when I entered that contest. I'm lazy about all kinds of housekeeping including blog housekeeping. And then there is that deep drift of dust everywhere in my house.

It's starting to heat up and I have yet to turn on my outside water or uncover the swamp coolers. So much to do with so little inclination. I'm reading a good political thriller and it calls to me as it lies face down on my bed. But I have work to do and will flog myself into doing it one tiny chore at a time.

I'll be posting photos of my great outdoors to document the progress of bloomage, from early spring to late fall. Lucky you, you get to see it all. These shots are of the pink Honeysuckle just outside my door. Too bad it doesn't smell like Halls, but the Hall's Honeysuckle blooms later in the month and it's on the other side of my front door.


themom said...

"deep drift of dust"...hmm, can we teach the dog to use his tail on this one??? Take your time will all come together at some point. At least that is what I keep telling myself. :)

Utah Savage said...

The reason the dust drift is the shedding yellow lab and the whoosh of the tail wagging and the fan in the window. I can always think of something more important than dusting and I hate vacuuming so much I punish myself by leaving the damn vacuum out as a reminder to get with it, get it done and put the fucking thing away. Same with the duster. It sits atop a desk that is thick with dust. I has become an one more thing on the desk along with the dust.

Laura said...

Mmmm I love Honeysuckle!! I cannot wait to watch as your gardens progress throughout the next couple of seasons! Lucky us, thank you so much for sharing!
I too have a book that has been calling my name all week. I had so many things planned to do while Hubby was away. Did I do any of them?
Nope! :)

Utah Savage said...

I'm having to put chores into two categories. Chores I hate and chores I merely dislike.

Beach Bum said...

...when I entered that contest.
I'm pissed with myself for not having sent out more stories to contests. Various things have gotten in the way but mainly I've been lazy.

susan said...

When we owned our little house with the huge yard lawn mowing soon became another thing I hated so I put the mower on a stump as a garden decoration and let the wildflowers grow. Now where is the pedestal for the vacuum cleaner?

The flowers are lovely even if you don't have the scented ones yet.

Utah Savage said...

Beach I'm bummed with myself too and for the same reason. My procrastination on that front is worth examining. Am I afraid of failure or success? Or am I just impossibly lazy?

Susan, I have done the same thing with the rather large area I appointed as mine when I divvied up the outdoor space. Mine is wild. The only real gardening I did when I dug up all the lawn that butted up against the little house, was bulbs and a few other perennials. I planted herbs and it turns out the varieties of mint gobbled up all the other less hardy herbs. I have one small patch of oregano that hangs on.

The work that broke my back is also the work I liked the most and that is all the stone work. I moved tons of pavers, bricks, and heavy slabs of slate. I still want an adobe wall separating the back property from the front. But at this point it's still a far off dream. But just this past weekend, my neighbor across the alley gave me a huge amount of lovely old brick. I know it's going to kill me, but I can't wait to start moving it into place for expanding the paths, making more walk ways.

Fran said...

Oooh your flowers are pretty.

Deep drifts of dust.... LOL
I *hate housekeeping*... really I do.

How does the saying go-- a meticulously clean house is the sign of a bored person.

I figure dust can & will wait.

But every now & then I have an urge to clean, I must go with it right then, or it will fade & who knows if or when it might return???

As for all those bricks.... hell there has to be some unemployed person willing to take on some schlepping for some cash.

Spadoman said...

I'm sitting here reading and writing instead of doing any planting. I have two apple trees, three blackberry bushes and two lilac bushes to plant, and it is a beautiful day out today. Chores are in one category and that is, "Isn;'t there someone that will come over and know what to do and do it so I can go somewhere and do something I want to do?"

Today, I will make a short one day road trip North to buy some tools for my motorcycle and fill water bottles with delicious fresh spring water that gushes out cold and pure. I'll bring 50 gallons home and drink til my heart is content. Then, it will be too late to plant today. I better water them, they are in pots, I WILL plant tomorrow, I promise. You've guilted me into it.

Randal Graves said...

There has to be a way to collect the dust and reuse it somehow, like sticking it in Cheney's meals.

Yes, make sure you DO post shots of the bloomin' savage homestead. I think I'm going to post pictures of the weeds nestled in the cracks of my driveway.

lisahgolden said...

Yikes! You just reminded me that I have some blogroll upkeep to attend to!

Thank you.

Flowers = pretty!!!!!!

La Belette Rouge said...

Jasmine and honeysuckle and orange blossoms are blooming all over L.A. I love the scent of these beautiful flowers. Damn, all you bloggers who garden are really getting me wanting a garden of my own.

Since I don't have one I should probably prune and weed my blog too.

Thorne said...

Mmmm... Honeysuckle. I've seen you around. Back now via Spadoman. Completely OT, I love that you are brave and unapologetic in posting your image while smoking.

Sherry Pasquarello said...

oh wow!!!!