Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blues Legend Koko Taylor Died

Koko Taylor used to make regular stops in Salt Lake City on her way from somehwere to somewhere else. She sang in a small downtown club where almost every seat was a front row seat. It was called the Zephyr. There was a dance floor. And in those days I danced. Koko always packed the place and usually on a Thursday night. I heard her sing this song. Saw sweat drop from her face to her chest and glisten there. She was one of the great Blues legends. I'm sad she will no longer be belting out the great Blues songs of her lifetime. We will miss you Koko.


Unknown said...

I loved Koko Taylor, too. She lived in Chicago, I think. At least she sang there on what seemed like every weekend when I was high school.
We real bad suburban kids used to go to these little no name bars, with no cover charge--and bouncers who would go along with any simulacrum of a an ID--to hear her sing out her soul till 2 am.
She was our first glimpse of a real life goddess. And while it makes me sad that's she's gone, when I was in high school, my friends and I saw her as our first immortal--so great she'd never be forgotten.
Gotta get my kids listening to her right away. My daughter, at least, is sure to give her not just props but proper awe.

Utah Savage said...

Kathleen, how nice to see you. Seems we have many things in common.

Cirze said...

Wish I had known about her previously. Thanks so much to you (and Dg) for the music!

I got my chance for glory when I helped Sarah Vaughn up and down off the stage of a blues club in Baltimore many, many years ago.

I was thunderstruck.

Love ya,