Thursday, July 30, 2009

If the Birthers Don't Get You The Deathers Will Try

ConnecticutMan1 has written this about the Deathers. Wednesday night was the first I'd heard of the Deathers. Oh those crazy wingnuts! If they can't get you with one lie they'll try to scare you with another. There is no way to stop them, but they are quite entertaining. My suggestion is to do your best to humiliate them on twitter.


mark hoback said...

Being even harder to logically disprove, the Deathers have real potential.

Utah Savage said...

Hi Mark, I'm on Medicare and old. I smoke and have all kinds of health issues including bipolar disorder. My doctors seem quite intent on keeping me alive. Go figure. Must be the charm factor.

Fran said...

They always keep the crazy flowing- that tap never runs out.

This was a funny perspective:

Obama told the story of how an elderly woman wrote him saying she did not want government run health care and that the Obama better not touch her Medicare.

The president paused and kinda raised an eyebrow, like, “Get it?”

Medicare IS government run health care.*

These people who have their panties in a knot about the dreaded evil *socialism*… collect their Social Security check, get Medicare prescriptions, & go hang out @ the Senior Center.
All government funded socialist programs.

(hat tip to Kellybelle)

One man held an impromptu survey at a town hall meeting re healthcare. He himself had lost all coverage- he asked for a show of hands of who had no healthcare, then a show of hands of who had healthcare, then asked those who have healthcare, if they were satisfied with the coverage/policy.

Pretty much everyone who was covered, rose their hands to confirm they were not happy with the health insurance they had.

Certainly something is better than nothing, there may not be a nirvana of health care coverage....
unless you are a high end Government employee with the Cadillac health insurance policy.

Oregon voted for the Death with Dignity Act repeatedly.... those opposed tried very hard to sell the idea that they would be recruiting people to die.

To me, I looked at is as the opposite.... that were were treating people worse than dogs or pets.
Because, out of great compassion we would put a beloved pet, Fifi down so she does not suffer, Grandma, however was going to have to tough it out.

They have safety mechanisms in place.... you must have a terminal illness, double confirmed, you must go through a psyche evaluation, there is a mandatory 2 week waiting period.

No one is recruiting anyone to die. But some have chosen to shorten the process. Be it quality of life- or even deciding to forego the expensive medical treatment to allow someone else with hope for a cure, that access.

It is a personal choice, and I do think an excellent option. For whatever reason, each individual shold have that choice. In fact the Gvmnt has worked hard to prevent that option. We had to re-vote on it three times.

Oregon became the first State in the Nation to have a Death with Dignity option.

Nan said...

I think the Deathers are taking a real fear (rationing access to health care) and playing on it.

Of course, they totally ignore the numbers of people dying every day because their health care is already rationed due to being too poor for private insurance (or dropped by their insurers after they had the nerve to get sick) and too young for Medicare.

Connecticut Man1 said...

Someone actually reads what I write? lol jk. Thanks again for the mention.

mark hoback: It is easy to prove the Deathers are spewing crap. Just have to read the actual bill.