Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Few Words In Defense of Our Country

January 2007 performance. Features full lyrics. Abridged lyrics ran as a New York Times Op-Ed piece on 1/24/07


Fran said...

but I'm already in a foul mood, for a variety of reasons.
call me disenchanted

PENolan said...

I'm so glad I got high this morning before I saw that song - which makes me want to head for the hills with Randy Newman and a lot of other good folks.
Build a land of safety in the North
Like in British Columbia where you can grow good weed.

Vigilante said...

Bakin' some cookies, Penny? Save some for me and I'll make the trip!

Steve said...

i loves the randy newman! great song

MRMacrum said...

Randy knows how to make a point. Too bad the NYT issued it with "abridged" lyrics.