Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's Baaack.

Now the plumbing problem has worked its way to my place.  Thank god the bathroom and solarium are a couple of feet lower than the main part of the little house.  The floors are tile, so once I unplugged all the entension cords and lifted the fifty pounds of dog food and the good leather backgammon set and the rugs and stuff, it began to slowly drain, but now everything that sat in it, if for only a moment, must be washed with bleach.  Bugger!

I had other plans for today.  But if it weren't this making me put it off for a day, it'd probably be procrastination.

The weekend shift of Joes Tripple A only took an hour to get here, but now they have a tall, swarthy charmer who wants me to write a screenplay for a low budget film he wants to make.  He sounds and looks Yugoslavian.  I know that's so old school of me, but I spent a month traveling the length of the coast line, staying in people's houses.  I thought pretty much everyone was interesting looking.  This man, I'm guessing to be in his sixties.  Maybe he's Turkish or Algerian, last name Vasiliou.  But I'm guessing one of the parts of the old Yugoslavia.

He was the one of the two guys from Joe's who came into my little house to see the result of the problem.  He asked me what I do, and I told him I'm a writer. Then he told me he's a movie maker.  He works for Joe as a second job, but movie making is what he wants to do.  He left me his business card and, as business cards go, it's well designed and looks serious.  Biggest drawback for me is his politics.  He's going to run for public office as a Republican.  I think he's a Sarah Palin fan.


PENolan said...

A Palin fan? There must be a joke about flushing out the shit somewhere.

Utah Savage said...

Interesting looking man flirts with me and turns out to be a teabagger... What the fuck?! It's so unfair.

Crazy Ass Beastard said...

Look at you ... a bad tenant ... an unpaid gas bill ... a leak ... interesting looking Republican/Palin-lover comes inside your home ... and a writing gig. Damn universe has its eye on you. In what way I'm not sure yet.

Beach Bum said...

I have to hold my nose on a daily basis working around such people. At times it is tolerable, as long as politics can be ignored, but I have come to expect inhuman comments at any moment that will literally make my skin crawl.

The other thing is the blatant ignorance about the world that are medieval in their scope.

Utah Savage said...

I told him I didn't think my writing would be his thing, and I'm not writing a screenplay I think is shit. He left me his tasteful card and asked me to call him. He's an imposing man even in a Joe's Triple A blue coverall. Powerful face. And he's smart even if he's wrong. He didn't want to leave my house. His working partner kept calling him. And he just ignored him. Probably won't last long at Joe's. But he's educated even if badly. Speaks English better than most Teabaggers who were born here.

Fran said...

Oh Please! As if you don't have enough raw sewage in your life right now--He's going to run for public office as a Republican. I think he's a Sarah Palin fan.

WTF! Vladimir the Plumber????


Tell us this is all a bad nightmare & then you woke up!

Naj said...


maybe you have a chance to convert him? :)

Nan said...

If he's a fairly recent emigrant from a former Communist country, he may lean Republican because he buys into the myth that Reagan killed Communism.

Utah Savage said...

I was still bleaching the bathroom/solarium floor at 10:00 last night. I got the tub bleached and clean. Then I sat at the computer for a moment tweeting,listening to the Kids and their houseguest have a party in the backyard. I heard the sound of water running and then shit came bubbling up from the solarium floor drain. By midnight I was in tears.

Today I'm so exhausted I woke up crying.

I have no desire to argue politics with anyone. It some idiot on twitter decides arguing with me would be fun, I can unfollow or block them. Not so easy with someone in the flesh who won't leave you alone.

Naj, It's good to see you. But in Utah my converting one idiot will make no difference at all. There are millions just like him, only maybe not quite so attractive.

PENolan said...
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PENolan said...

Most likely that plumber would try to convert you to his way of thinking anyway.

I'm so sorry you're living an
expensive, laborious nightmare at the moment. I wish I could pack up the three boys from Kazakhtstan who are smoking weed on my terrace with Velvet and send them to you.
They brought the weed.

Utah Savage said...

Gotta love those boys from Kazakhstan. They have the best weed.

Madam Z said...

"A tall, swarthy charmer...a movie maker...who wants (you) to write a screenplay for..." his film, and you're worried about his POLITICS?? My dear woman, there are things more important than politics. My guess is that he's running as a Repug, because that's the only way he could win in Utah. After you bed him, you can convert him! That's my recommendation anyway. You need a break from all that dreadful LITERAL sewage!

Utah Savage said...

Madame Z, you give excellent advise. I should have listened to you when you warned my about the shit head New Kids. They have great educations and no smarts at all. Little fuckers.

So, his last name is Vasiliou. First time here he was almost pushy with his charm. The next day when I had to call them back, he came into the house and flushed the toilet. It flushed without incident. he said, "The toilet works okay." I screamed "Don't ever tell a woman with a room full of shit on the floor that anything is ALL RIGHT. NOTHING ABOUT THIS IS ALL RIGHT!" He became very quiet and very efficient. But when they left he said, "Call me."