Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm a Monk, Who Knew?

Your result for The Pop Culture Archetype Personality Test...

The Monk

Ninja, Monkey, Zombie, Cowboy

Quizzy tests are fun for the shut ins.


yellowdoggranny said...

i was going to take the test but couldn't figure out how to..i think i would be a cross between a cowboy and a zombie

Kulkuri said...

Couldn't find a link to the test on your post so I googled it and took the test. I'm a Tinker, how about that?? Did a post with a link to the test on my blog.

If yellowdog granny is a cross between a cowboy and a zombie, I wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley.

Linda-Sama said...

Ninja, Monkey, Punk, Cowboy

I'm a Druid

Utah Savage said...

I thought I be a flat out monkey, but no, it's me monastic life that makes me a monk. But did you see the moves on that monk? Ninja Monk!

darkblack said...

Must be the cloistered lifestyle.


yellowdoggranny said...

ole yellowdog is a:

Clerics are conscientious teachers and tutors, healers and enablers, eager to spread the word about their beliefs to other people. Bestowed with tremendous charisma, spiritual awareness and salesmanship, they are capable of swaying minds and hearts, and are always welcoming of new members of their flock, preferring many shallow (but sincere) acquaintances instead of intimate close friendships. Their focus on the big picture, and the desire to help and teach everyone, often gets them into trouble. Not only do are they forced to juggle many responsibilities and relationships, but they often neglect themselves, letting down their boundaries to let others in and thus risking heartbreak when they are attacked. They are ever optimists, always looking for the silver lining in all people and constantly searching for ways to improve the world.

In darker hours, clerics tend towards Obsessive-Compulsive behavior. Their preoccupation with orderliness and perfectionism means that they become focused on rules, lists, and schedules, often insisting that others submit to their way of thinking. Devoted to work, they avoid distractions to the point of procrastinating about decisions, and they are often unwilling to spend time or money on things that do not benefit them and their goals directly. Their conscientious but inflexible focus on morality and ethics can cause problems when they run into people who do not share their world view, and they are often reluctant to express affection at all, preferring to keep the world at a distance while struggling with the desire to let everyone in.

and they like to kick ass too

Utah Savage said...

Holy shit. A cleric? Now I'm scared YDG! I an disorderly, solitary, unwelcoming, and cranky, and generally unsocial. Sounds like a monk to me. But orderly, tidy, social, wanting to spread the word? Not in my life time. I would want to meet you in a dark alley or your living room woman. You scare me. No wonder you use that lightening bolt avatar. Strike me fucking dead you will.

Anonymous said...

I got a Palladin:

I'm still laughing over that one.



Utah Savage said...

Ten, have I told you lately that I love you? But I guess we all do don't we?