Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Marley Trains Me

I spent three nights listening to Marley scream her outrage that just because she'd been spayed and just because she has a little peeing problem, she's been banned from sleeping on my bed nestled in my old green TSE cashmere cardigan snuggled up to her bedraggled Mr Doody. Marley seems to be feeling no pain and is unwilling to let a little surgery get in the way of her having fun. I wish I had Marley's plucky attitude. The only problem for Marley is that it just keeps raining. Marley doesn't like the rain. I watch for moments of sunshine and then cheerfully lead the way outside just like I'm pack leader. But Marley knows who's really in charge of this house.


Laura said...

Awwwww Marley! I love that first picture of her. Giving you the "hairy eyeball".. hehehe..
I'm glad that she's feeling good after her procedure. :)

Steve said...

glad Marley is coming around!
sending you both the best

Beach Bum said...

Whose in charge of my house? I'm behind my wife, the kids, Sparky the uber-dog, and now the the kitten that has adopted me as its mommy.
The little thing meows at my feet for me to pick it up and if I don't it will bite my ankle.

I feel like Rodney Dangerfield without the high-paid female escorts.

Utah Savage said...

Beach you just nailed how I feel with that perfect comment. I also wish I had a wife with a yen for the housekeeping and a good job.

Hi Steve, Hi Sunshine. And doesn't Marley know how to give the old hairy eyeball. She always looks askance at the camera.

Steve, I wouldn't exactly say "Marley is coming around." She hasn't the sense to know she shouldn't be doing gymnastics with her "Mr. Doodyman". She just finally killed him dead, dead. Gutted and shredded and chewed to bits. For awhile she tossed his skull around. It started out as a Wiener dog and ended up looking like the turd character on SouthPark.

Pyzahn said...

Ahh, I love furry households. Marley is giving the camera the evil eye. But geez, I wish I had a cashmere sweater to curl up in.

p.s. That "tact" slogan/pic looks familiar.

Utah Savage said...

Pyzahn, Tact is not my long suit nor is giving credit either. Was it at you place I stole this? Hummm, I thought I'd at least learned to link back to the person I cribbed from. I'll fix that. Soon.

Fran said...

One can allow marley slack post op.... but that pooch is going to wind up logging lots of time out in the yard if she does not catch on to the house training .

Maybe you can train the big dogs to *put her out* ?

When my previous dog was not yet fully housebroken, he could ONLY access the vinyl flooring in the kitchen. No way I was going to be tracking down various surprises throughout the house. Nuh Uh!

Here is another thing-- might help??? Critters do have this whole *marking turf* ritual... Since the big dogs do their business outside, maybe Ms Marley is claiming her turf & marking up the place inside???

I'm no K9 bodily fluids expert-- but they do sell this special spray @ pet stores, designed to totally neutralize animal pee scents. It is designed to hep house train pets, if anything it does neutralize the smell.

Also maybe you can set up a rewards program.... when she successfully does her business outside give her a treat-- hell throw a parade! Make a happy fuss about what a goooood doggie she is!

Otherwise once she is healed from surgery... you are going to have to get your aerobics by catching her in the act & putting her out "midstream".... to let her know business is done outside.
Most dogs catch on pretty quick, but maybe she's a spoiled girl and wants her own private bathroom?

Oh I hope she gets house trained soon.
You need a break.

Paul said...

Two beautiful photos.

jadedj said...

They have their ways, into our hearts, don't they.

Sherry Pasquarello said...

yep. max knows that i am not the boss of him!

i'm glad your sweetie is doing better.

themom said...

My critters (big dog Angel and psycho cat Isis) have not forgiven me for taking a weeks vacation yet. The dog was boarded at a friends, and the cat had the entire house to herself - alone! It took me 2 hours to talk her out from underneath the bed when I got home. The dog wanted to leave and go home with her sitter. Now, I think they have mentally adjusted back to their routines, but I may need a therapist.

Mawley is so frickin adorable - she will bounce back quick from the surgery and with summer coming, a new routine may emerge. You indeed have your hands full. Take care of yourself.

Randal Graves said...

Humans exist solely to provide food and shelter for our domesticated animals.

La Belette Rouge said...

Poor Marley! Give that little darling hugs, kisses and your cashmere cardigan!xo